We all have our share of bad days.  There would be times the moment you wake up to a brand new day, you just have this depressing feeling that it’s not going to be a good one at all.  This usually happens to people waking up at the wrong side of the bed.  Everything seems to be wrong and you are in a very bad mood.  It’s certainly not much fun when one is having a bad day.  Luckily you can do something about it.  Here are some ways to turn around a bad day.


It helps a lot to get your mind off from the little things that bother you.  As you exercise, it calms your anger and you get rejuvenated as you sweat it off.  A simple walk and fresh air could also do the trick.

Do something pleasurable

Watch a movie, have coffee with your friends, soak in a bubble bath or bake your favorite brownies are just some of the things that are pleasurable to do.  You can’t control how lucky you can be on certain days but you can do things to make a bad day better.

Do something nice to others

“One of the best ways to make you happy is to make other people happy”.  The other day, I was a part of a feeding program for malnourished children in a small community near our house.  The day started out really a bummer when several problems kept coming. Yet, I came home with a warm feeling of joy as I saw the children enjoying the food.  I cooked Spaghetti and made sandwiches served with packs of juice.

Share it with someone close

Another best way to get rid of your bad mood is to share it with people who are close to you.  It may be your spouse, your sister or your best friend. Others find blogging to be helpful especially in writing you can express everything that is going on within yourself.  Getting the load out of your chest will make you feel a lot better.

Stop mulling over what happened

The more you think about it, the more you will feel bad.  In fact, women have the tendency to go over and over the details of an upsetting episode to the point of even conducting an imaginary argument.  Studies show that women have more tendencies to get depressed because of over thinking while men are better in distracting themselves from negative thoughts.

Go to sleep

It is true that everything looks a lot better in the morning.  There are just some days that things don’t and won’t go your way but definitely not every day is like that.  So it would be best to just sleep it off.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

In conclusion, just like anything else always remember that this too shall pass.  You’ve been in a bad mood before.  It passed.  So will this one.  It’s no big deal.