Achieving perfectionism in life will just be a disappointment to all.  There is no perfect person and no perfect life.  Sometimes we look at other people who seem to have the best in everything and we wonder how come we can’t be like them?  Why do we have to sweat and grind just to put food in our mouth, go through pain just to experience love and acceptance and starve ourselves just so we could shed a bit of those fats in our body?  Is loving our life based on society’s definition of success–if we have riches, fame, high-powered jobs, perfect family, a wonderful house and a beautiful body?  Reality would tell us loving our life is not based on all these.  In fact, these are just icing to the cake.  What matters in each person is the spirit within.

To love our life means to love ourselves.

No one is more important, worthy and unique but our own self.  It doesn’t mean that if there are others who are richer, more famous or more attractive make them more valuable than you.  Remember that there is goodness and love in each person that make them special.  Living in this world did not promise a bed of roses.  In fact, so many times we would be pushed to the limit to the point of giving up but if we love ourselves and learn to stand every time we fall, these downfalls are just reminders that we can make our lives better.  Love our body by taking care of it.  Although we cannot achieve a perfect size body, we can always take care of it by putting in what is good and healthy.

To love our life we have to be always thankful for every little blessings we received.

One of the most effective way to be thankful is to keep a journal of every little details that we are blessed with.  I love the beauty of each sunset–a reminder of how God has been with me all through the day that has passed; the gentle breeze after every rain that takes away the tiredness of my body; I love how my 6 year son would hug and kiss me when he comes home from school; I love my cellphone when it beeps and I get to receive a message from any of my daughters who live far from me most of all, I love it when I know I have worked hard and the effort I put in is never wasted.

To love our life we should always learn to forgive.

Okay, so maybe we did screw up and made stupid mistakes but this is a process that we all have to go through to be better persons. Mistakes are opportunities for growth.  We cannot go through life without making mistakes. It is important to forgive ourselves, avoid the same mistakes and learn from it.  Forgiving also means forgiving the people who caused us pain.  It is so hard to go through life saddled with so much anger and hatred. Remember, “The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi.  It takes a strong person to learn to forgive.

To love our life we need to take actions and do our best.

We cannot just simply say “I hate my life because I don’t have a job”.  Loving our life means doing our best to achieve our dreams and if we fall short, at least we know deep down we tried. Every one of us are blessed with talents and abilities, it is up to us to define and use it to the betterment of our lives.

In conclusion, loving our life means looking into ourselves and what we have been through; appreciating the person that has come out courageous and better.  Being alive is one reason to love our life!