“Okay, stop it!” she cried out. “Stop joking! Stop making fun of me. And please, stop putting silly ideas on my head!”  Miranda cried out. Sheer frustration etched on her face as tears filled her eyes.  Her friend Sally looked at her intently.

“I know what I see in that mirror. I am not just fat but I’m obese! I walk like Penguin! I can’t get a decent looking dress that can fit me and I almost have to pay for two persons when riding the bus.  I look…look–horrible!” Tears fell after that last outburst.

Sally held her while she cried.  Her friend just don’t see the beautiful person behind the big–er, huge frame.

They have been friends for almost all their lives.  Growing up together in the same neighborhood, their parents were tennis buddies. Unlike her, Miranda had to endure a difficult childhood being fat. Her mother, who was a health buff, was no help at all — bullying her and making her feel bad as if being fat is a disease. It was not surprising that Miranda grew up hating her body and herself. With a very low self esteem, she struggled to find true love.

However despite her size, Miranda is the nicest person she ever known. She’s kind and compassionate. Talking to her is fun and interesting because she has this sense of humor that drives away a boring day at work. Looking at her now, Miranda may be fat, but she has a beautiful face. With the long auburn hair that curtains her heart shaped face, she is a sight to behold. Her almond shaped eyes twinkles when she’s excited and happy. And her smile… yes, her smile transforms her face that it can even make Julia Roberts look ordinary.

“Listen, Miranda.  I am not joking nor making fun of you. It’s true. Joe told me he really likes you.  Why can’t you see that there is so much beauty in you that can attract a guy?”  Sally said.

It is not just some guy, mind you. Joe is the youngest son of the owner of the company where they have been working for the past 2 years.  After managing the company’s other interests abroad for 5 years, Joe is back.  The first time he saw Miranda, he instantly liked her bubbly personality. Being hard working, Miranda continuously captured his attention with her witty disposition. Obvious to everyone in the work place, the boss’s son is quite enamored with Miranda — all size 18 of her.  What he wants to do now is to convince her to give him a chance. That was the reason why he asked her best friend Sally to convince her to go out with him.

Now even Sally is having a hard time talking sense to Miranda.

Looking straight at those tear filled eyes, Sally held her friend’s face.

“Miranda, you have to stop putting yourself down! You are beautiful! Okay, you may be big but you also have a wonderful personality! Everyone at the office likes you!  They like the person inside you not the size and who cares about the size anyway? Please wipe your eyes, put a dazzling smile on that lips and face Joe.  He’s waiting for you. Go and have fun!”

Still feeling unsure, Miranda looked at the the person staring back at her in the mirror. Maybe her friend is right. Who cares about size anyway? At least, one thing is sure. Joe can certainly afford a huge steak complete with the works for dinner!

Yes, the twinkle is back in her eyes.

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