I can’t cast myself in the context of the word “young” these days.  In fact, there are several “signs” and “proofs” in my daily life that reminds me that the inevitable time has come.  “Growing old”—these words can be scary especially when you have been living in a fantasy belief that people never grows old; that although the body ages, the mind and the heart don’t.  Ahem!  Well, here are some of the things I have noticed lately that made me realize it’s time to accept the inevitable.

When calling out to my daughter, I have to roll call all four names (including my son’s) to get the right name out.  Hmm, all this time I thought it only happens to my mom.

Getting red-faced and feeling the smoke coming out of my ears (and nose) I cannot find my pen!  That was my favorite pen and I cannot think without it.  I realized I was holding it the whole time.

The other day my husband just took out 15 strands of white hair on my head.  This is scary.  I thought it was because of the shampoo I’ve been using.

While looking at myself in the mirror, I noticed I already have 3 (or was it 4?) laughing lines beside my eyes. Anytime soon lines on my forehead will start showing up.

I have to start getting use to the word “grandma”.  In another couple of months my precious granddaughter will learn how to talk and I don’t want her missing out on my name.

Five years ago, I was able to play 1 single tennis game and three doubles game in an afternoon.  These days, one is enough two is too much.  By night-time, I feel like being run over by a truck.

While driving home with my daughter and son, I got distracted when my son’s front tooth fell out.  With him screaming like a banshee because of the blood oozing from his gums, I got lost and can’t find the right way home.

It seems I kept asking the same question over and over.  I wonder why? Was it because I didn’t hear what was said? I wonder why?  Do you think it’s normal? I wonder why? (Get what I mean?)

The list goes on and on.

On a serious note though…

Even if I feel the numbers piling up and it seems I cannot stop myself from growing old, I feel life has so much to offer.  There would be times I get sad thinking of days when I cannot hit the ball with my forehand anymore or totally forget my son’s birthday, I know in my heart I want to grow old gracefully.  I can be my granddaughter’s best friend or finally learn the art of knitting (I hate sewing).  Just happy to be myself and doing the things I love.  Most of all, enjoying what life has to offer.