Jealousy is sometimes referred to as the “Green Eyed Monster”.  Indeed it is a monster of an emotion. Most of us feel this emotion at some time or other. There are those who can control it but there are others who cannot. If not controlled, jealousy can destroy a person and the relationship.  It is an inner battle of oneself.  An emotion of negative thoughts and feelings brought about by insecurities, fears and anxiety of having to lose something you value.  Sometimes jealousy is justified but other times its not.  If you are struggling right now with this emotion what should you do about it?

First of all, if you are in a relationship and you constantly feel jealous of anyone or everyone who comes near your partner then you have to stop and analyze the situation.  Look at the reasons why you are jealous.  Does your partner give you reasons to feel this way? Do you feel jealous because of past experience that you were cheated once? Maybe you feel this way because of lack of attention from your partner?  Whatever your reasons are, it is best to sit down and discuss it with your partner.  If most of these feelings comes from within, then you have to do something about it.

If these fears are unfounded, it would be best that you don’t keep harping on your partner with it because you are simply driving him/her away.  Trust is an issue that you both have to work on.  Insecurity is one cause of jealousy so it is important to develop your self worth.  You may feel insecure because your partner’s co worker is sexy and confident while you fit on a size 16 clothes and always feel wanting to blend in the crowd.  You must realize there is something special in you that your partner love despite the plus size frame you have.  It may be because you are caring and sweet.  Self confidence is quite attractive and if you keep reminding yourself to think positively all the time, you will have a habit of doing so.

Most of all, do not let jealousy control you and your relationship.  If this happens then inevitably the relationship is doomed to fail.  There are people who goes into rages and fits when jealousy consumes them.  They become obsessed in the sense that they have to know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing.  When these feelings become out of control, they hurt the people they love physically and emotionally.  If you are currently in this kind of relationship, you have to get out of it now.  Seek help and advise.  Go into counseling.

In conclusion, since jealousy exist in all of us, it is also up to us how to deal with it.  It is a constant struggle within ourselves whether we let it control and ruin us or we take hold of it and do something about it.