She felt like Cinderella…

Never expecting the prince of her dreams to notice her.  She was young and naive and he was so….matured and handsome. How was it possible that a man like him could have noticed a mousy girl?  For so many years, he would pass her by–never even giving her a glance.  He was with another girl–popular and of course pretty. They were the perfect pair while on the side line she looked on. Yet, no one questions destiny.

The night was young when she got to church.  Every one were gathered talking to each other.  Choir practices have been frequent because of the impending day of performance drawing near.  She didn’t notice him sitting by the church pews talking to a friend.  In fact, being absent from choir practice the other week, she wasn’t aware that he was asked to join the group to fill in the missing tenor voice.  He had a great voice–a disc jockey at the local radio station.  Laughing with her cousin and friend, she took the microphone from its stand and started singing “Somewhere in Time”.  Her voice rich in timber flowed with so much unrequited love and pain of losing.

Admiring the voice, he looked up and saw her.  After all this time, he finally noticed the mousy girl with funny looking hair standing in the middle of the stage singing with eyes closed with a voice so sweet and gentle.  He was enamored.

A lovely story of two people very much in love. Theirs was a story too good to be true.

Everyone wants their relationship to last forever.  Cinderella thought she can have it all by being the best wife–caring, supportive and being everything he wants her to be.  She thought it is an assurance that their relationship will last.  Yet, she was wrong.  It’s not just about pleasing your husband.  Its not just about being the best in everything.  It is about give and take.  A healthy relationship is two way.  Communication, sensitivity, understanding, selflessness, respect and friendship should be given and accepted by both parties.  There should always room for both to mature and despite time and age, one will realize he/she loves her spouse all the more.  It is sad that more and more people are resulting to divorce.

Even Cinderella and her prince are not together anymore.  This is one of the saddest reality in her life.  Many times she would sit back and think of what went wrong.  It was unquestionable that he loved her and she loved him more.  But relationship doesn’t stop once you’re married or once the children start coming.  It is not just him but it is also you.  Growth and maturity should not be restricted to just the usual norm of society.  The longer you stay together the more effort you have to put in the relationship to build trust and respect.  Do not take each other for granted for it is so easy to let go once the going gets tough.

Somehow, Cinderella had to learn life the hard way.  Again, it is not just his limitations and weaknesses.  It was also about hers.  Although it may be too late to right a wrong, the best is to move on and learn from it.  It doesn’t stop her from wanting a relationship to last forever–it has to be nurtured, worked on and lift up to the Heavens above.

Who knows, she might just have her dream come true?