I would like to think no responsibilities in life would mean I am financially free and able to do anything I want.  Right now my everyday thoughts are focused on juggling responsibilities being a mom, a businesswoman and a writer.  The only reason why I have been literally killing myself doing almost everything is the desire to be financially free—not having to worry about bills to pay; have my own house and visit my children as much as I want to.  If right at this moment a genie would appear and grant me a year without responsibilities I would definitely grab hold of it!

For one, I would want to spend months travelling to places I long to visit.  Here in the Philippines alone, we have so many beautiful, exotic beaches that I would want to explore.  These are places where only tourists and the rich can afford to visit.  Boracay Island, El Nido in Palawan, Panglao Island in Bohol, and Pearl Farm in Samal Island are just some of the wonderful places I would want to travel to.  I would love to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the white sandy beaches, snorkel and experience the wonders of life under the sea and read a good book under the shade of coconut tree.  At night, I would want to walk by the beach and feel the coolness of the gentle waves under the ebony sky.  Since Philippines is consists of different islands, there are also different cultures embraced by the people.  Discovering and learning the rich cultures of different places is something I would want to do too.  After all, this is something I could impart to my children for them to appreciate their heritage and be proud being a Filipino.

The first time I travelled to another country was when I was seventeen.  It was the most exciting and happy experience for me.  Since then, my ultimate dream is to travel to other countries like Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico and the US.  Although I have lived in New York some several decades ago, I would definitely want to go back and visit my family whom I haven’t seen for almost twenty years.  There is something about travelling to other countries that is so enriching and life changing that I would want to spend the rest of my life doing.  Every wonderful experience will then be blogged in my laptop to share it with family and friends.

Most of all, I would want to visit my children as much as I want to.  I can spend time with my granddaughter Holly and splurge her with everything a grandma could give—love, kisses and lots and lots of toys! I can spend time cooking my daughters’ favorite food.  We can go shopping and enjoy seeing the twinkles in their eyes as they explore new stuffs in the shops.  Best of all, I would love to experience those midnight chats we used to have.

Makes me wonder if there is really a genie in the bottle to grant me these wishes?  Oh well, I will just have to continue on with my life and work hard.  Who knows someday, I may just wake up and realized I don’t need a genie after all for I am able to do the things I want through patience and perseverance.