Who’s the lazy girl?

I am a lazy girl when it comes to losing weight.  Almost all my life I have tried so many different diets from starving myself to using herbal supplements to “after 6” diets—all to no avail.  I tried aerobics, swimming and running yet, I am still big.  Some not so nice people even go to the extent of calling me fat, obese and huge.  Just the other day while I was walking out to catch a ride on my way to the tennis court with my tennis bag hanging on my shoulder and my shoe bag swinging casually at my side, my bald headed neighbor who had quite some drinks already told me “so, you still play tennis with a size like that, huh?”  Forcing back a retort, I just gave him a smile. Some people think they are cute when they say something like this but in a way, it made me realize that I can only change how people look at me the moment I take away at least 20-30 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I do engage myself in sport once in awhile.  Not for the purpose of really losing weight, I play tennis because I enjoy the game so much.   It is a form of relaxation for me especially when stressed from work.  Still, my neighbor’s comment made me realize at my age, this lazy girl has to get fit before the body starts screaming due to the fats and sickness plaguing it.

Losing weight is really a change of lifestyle.  It is not only about diets and exercise.  In fact, a lot of people put themselves in danger trying to lose weight rapidly.  Some may lose weight fast but regains it back in a short period of time.  Change of lifestyle would mean watching the food intake, moving and sweating out the body while doing something you enjoy and coming up with realistic goals that make it easy to achieve.  Here is a lazy girl’s guide to get fit.

Change in eating habits.  Cut down on high calorie food like cakes, chocolates, butter, mayonnaise, chips, fries. Cut back on carbohydrates like noodles and rice since they are hard to break down by the body.  Avoid high fat food like red meat. Instead, your daily diet should consist of high fiber and low in sugar food.  One cannot totally eliminate all these in one sitting but gradually a change should start.  Never starve or miss out one meal because the hunger will cause you to double (or even triple) your food intake.  In fact, it is recommended to snack in between meals with fruits or wheat crackers.

Drink lots of water a day.  Most people overlook the need of water for the body to flush out toxins and unwanted fats.  Water causes your body’s metabolism to work effectively.  It is recommended that a person should take at least 8 glasses of water a day for the body to increase energy and burn those unwanted fats.

Get that body moving.  Lazy people usually find exercise a chore and a bore which shouldn’t be.  Find something that interests you that you will enjoy doing.  Walking is a good form of exercise especially when done with a friend.  You can also go window shopping in the mall—the walk around the place would certainly be fun at the same time burn those fats.  Instead of using the elevator in going up, use the stairs to burn more calories. Spend more time outdoors rather than waste the afternoon away watching soaps.

Be motivated.  Motivation comes when you look deep inside your heart the reason why you need to get fit. Your goal should be reasonable for it to be attainable.  If your goal is losing 50lbs in a month time, you will definitely end up frustrated.  These steps are simple guide everyone even a lazy girl can follow.  What is important is to be patient as you wait for positive results to come in.

When should you start? Now is the best time.