“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into but hard to get out of.”

This is very true!  In fact, everyone is guilty of having bad habits controlling their lives.  Whether it is minor, life changing, physical addictions or simply personality habits that tick off other people, these are habits best to break off.  Breaking off bad habits can be intimidating especially when you don’t really put your heart and mind into it.  You will find yourself going back to those habits time and time again. Since everyone has the desire for self improvement, it is possible to break away from bad habits and start developing good ones.

Self Analysis is the key.  The impact of other people’s criticism is not as life changing as one’s realization.  In fact, other people’s words are not taken well when uttered in a judgmental way.  The only person who knows yourself very well is you alone.  Try to keep a journal of your habits and the reason why you were able to develop it in the first place. Maybe due to unmountable stress at work, smoking has been a constant outlet that you cannot do without.  A day doesn’t start well if you don’t take your morning coffee which has been your “wake up” drink the past many years.

Evaluate the disadvantages of your bad habit.  Write all the destruction and problem this habit is giving you so that you may well understand what you are losing out on if you keep this up.  This will motivate you to modify your behavior. On the other hand, focus your mind and heart on different alternatives that will alleviate you from destructive behavior.  Figure out positive ways that can meet the same needs which were originally filled out by the bad habits.  Again write it down and start practicing it.

Focus on discipline and motivation.  To finish a job you start out cannot be done without discipline and motivation.  Along the way, you will find tons of irrelevant reasons why you should not finish what you have set out to do.  Without discipline, it is so easy to give in to your impulses.  No one will discipline you from doing the same bad habit all over again but yourself.  Motivate yourself.  Focus on the positive outcome rather than succumb to self pity and frustrations.

Get the support of family and friends.  There are just some things you cannot do on your own.  You need to ask your family or friends to support you on your quest to break off bad habits. Most of the time you draw strength from people in your lives especially in times when you feel like you are at the end of the rope.  Persevere and be patient.  Remember whatever you put your mind into doing, you can certainly achieve it.  If the bad habit you want to break off is alcohol or drugs, you need to ask professional help that will help you in achieving this.

Finally, always remember the person who will benefit most from breaking off the bad habit is none other than you.  It may be difficult but it can be done.

Note: Taken from my Ezine Article post