While driving home from visiting an old church in Tiwi, Albay (about an hour drive from home), we came across a sign that says “HORSEBACK RIDING”. It certainly caught my interest since here in the province where we currently reside there is no place/farm that allows horseback riding at all.  Yes, we are known for the beauty of our perfect cone-shaped, active volcano Mayon and Pili nuts.  But horse back riding?? Hmmm…that IS interesting.  So off we went to check it out.  After almost half an hour trekking the mountain side and the rugged road, I told my husband we better head back since it seems like we were in the middle of nowhere! There was no visible ranch or farm…there was only a huge space of…green.  After more turns, we finally came to a clearing and this was what caught our eyes.

“oooh…horsie!” my son Everett shouted.  We got out of the car and went near the horse slowly so not to scare him.

The horse was beautiful!

A man approached us and ask if we went Everett to ride him? Half an hour cost php200 ($5)

“Please mom, please!  I want to ride the horse! I can do it! Please? Please?” my pesky son pleaded.  In fact, to prove that he wasn’t afraid, he went near the horse so fast I had to pull him back before the horse kicks him.

Since my son seem to want it so much, we agreed for him to get saddled up.  The horse may seem tamed but obviously was not used to have a screaming kid on his back.  Yes, Everett was screaming! So much for saying he can do it–he’s scared being on top of the horse!

I was laughing my head off (bad mommy!)

Anyway, the man told us that he can ride with Everett just so he will experience what is it to ride on a horse.  So up he went.

Mommy kept laughing.

While waiting for them, I can’t help but experience how peaceful the place is.  The beautiful majestic Mayon Volcano looming down at us with the field so green.  The gently breeze blowing and the sky so blue.  We may be at the middle of nowhere but the untouched beauty of nature is a rare sight.

Mayon Volcano, Albay Philippines


This was a pony, only a month old.  He was among the other horses by the other side of the field.

Everett did have fun.

I was quite peaceful and happy that day.  The little time we spent there were captured only through my mobile camera but every time I look at the pictures, it bring warm happy memories the day my son went horse back riding in the middle of nowhere!