Years ago, I was not in the least interested to know about Gallstones and its causes.  I was certainly ignorant and proud to think that I might be a candidate for Gallstone.  Early year 2010, I went to visit my daughter in college who was celebrating her 18th birthday.  We had so much fun and we stuffed ourselves too much with great tasting food.  By dusk, I started feeling intense pain in my upper abdomen.  By midnight, the pain intensified which left me no choice but to go to the hospital.  The doctor (and I) assumed it was just hyper acidity brought about by eating too much so I was injected and given a prescription against Dyspepsia.  November 2010 came and saw me working like a mad woman missing out on my usual playing tennis routine.  I had another attack which the doctor and I assumed (again) that it was just another gastrointestinal problem like before.  Two weeks later, I had another attack and this time it was worst than ever.  After series of tests, I was diagnosed to have multiple gallstones causing my liver to be infected.  The pain was so severe that I can feel it searing straight to my back.  I was given antibiotics but was strictly advised to come back after a week to be operated.

Despite the severe pain, when I came home from the hospital I immediately searched for information regarding the causes of Gallstones, its diagnosis and treatment.  One thing is definitely sure.  I don’t want to be operated.  So I searched for natural ways on how to remove Gallstones.  However, this process is not that simple; it involves a lot of patience and sacrifice.  Before I continue writing on methods of removing Gallstones naturally, here is some information I have gathered that can hopefully help anyone who is suffering the same condition.

Excessive cholesterol, fat and calcium content in one’s diet are the main causes of the formation of Gallstones.  Overweight people have a higher risk of developing this condition.  Women who just gave birth or taking birth control pills have excess estrogen that increases the cholesterol level in bile are also candidates of gallstone formation.  In fact, women aging from 20-60 years of age are more likely to develop this than men.  This is the reason why the food that we eat plays a very important role in our overall health.  Once you are diagnosed with Gallstone, you should avoid the following food: all animal fat such as beef and pork, butter and lard, dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, mayonnaise, margarine, refined carbohydrates found in cakes, pastries, white bread, deep fried food, caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol (these causes gallbladder attack), carbonated drinks like sodas, eggs, sweetened food like ice cream, chocolates, candies and artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  Your diet should mainly consist of food high in fiber low in fat.  Fruits, fish and vegetables are best.  Medication or any other treatment becomes useless if we do not watch the food that we eat.

Other than the usual remedies recommended by Doctors in treating this condition, natural flushing out of Gallstones has become quite popular.  There are several natural herbs containing properties that make it possible to flush out these stones naturally.  Based on my own experience, I was able to get hold of a method shared by many people across the globe on how to successfully treat Gallstone.

Here is the regimen:

For the first five days, take four glasses of natural apple juice or eat four or five apples instead.  Apple softens Gallstones.  Eat normally during the day. On the sixth day, do not eat dinner.  At 6pm, take a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) with a glass of warm water. Repeat the procedure at 8pm.  The Epsom salt will open the gallbladder ducts.  At 10pm, take half cup of olive oil with fresh lemon juice and drink it.  The olive oil lubricates the stones for easy passage.  The next morning, you will find green stones in your stool.

Some people recommend that you do this gallstone flushing at least every 3 months since not all stones can be flushed out during the first try.  Other methods would be without the use of Epsom salt but so far, I have several friends who testified this method to be very effective.  I have made the first try and I myself saw some odd looking particles during the first flush.  I plan to do this again in another month.  The natural way of treatment is still deemed better as long as we avoid the food that causes the formation of Gallstones.