The year 2011, according to my Chinese horoscope will be a good year for me both financially and emotionally.  Actually, the horoscope last year said the same things although it turned out to be one heck of a year (negatively).  However, after all I’ve been through I sincerely hope that this year’s horoscope will be more accurate.

My freelance career as a writer formally took off during third quarter of year 2010.  Just as any freelancer would relate to, it was challenging, frustrating and discouraging to start a career wherein competition is quite tough.  Although this is quite normal as one would have to establish himself to be a qualified and dependable worker, seldom can you find employers or clients who are willing to give a newbie without experience a chance. The good news is despite all the difficulties each freelancer has to undergo, somehow one would eventually get the break they have been waiting for as long as they persevere and work hard.

Unlike others, I was not a graduate of Literature or any related writing course.  My very experience in writing would be the journals I used to keep back when I was a child.  Yet, one thing is quite clear–I can only express my deepest feelings through writing.  Eventually, I continued my journal in the form of blogging.  Almost every day, I would pour out unleashed emotions through writing and find comfort and peace while so in doing.  Yes, I was very passionate on how I write as this is my ultimate way of expression.  It’s like having a silent friend who continually listens that never judges or criticizes.

I only learned the trade of professional writing through my daughter who is a Literature student.  She has been a freelancer for several years now and a successful one too.  Slowly and patiently, she guided me on how to write articles most clients would expect.  I realized then that my skills (if you can call it that) were nothing compared to hers.  Every day I would write about any topic and let my daughter checked on my work.  Still, I felt very incompetent so I practiced and practiced.  Eventually I felt ready to start my writing career so I started my own website; posted my resume which was quite bare having no writing experience whatsoever and started applying for jobs.

Several weeks passed, all I was getting were rejections.  One time, my daughter who was very busy with so many projects recommended me to one of her clients.  The client has a psychic website looking for a writer that will promote their services.  They contacted me and asked for a sample of my previous work.  I was so excited and immediately sent some of the articles I wrote.  After a couple of hours, they told my daughter that they do not like me and proceeded to list the things why.  Of course, my daughter didn’t tell these people that I was her mom which was fine with me.  However at some point, I began to doubt myself and contemplated giving up.

Yet, I did not give up.  I continued honing my skills and persevered.  I kept putting up lists of goals I want to achieve in front of my work station to give me the boost especially when I feel discouraged.  Eventually, one client came after the other.  I made some mistakes during the first few projects that I kept tab on and learned from it.  Eventually, I found a little stability as my writing career took off.  As of today, I am juggling different projects, working more than 12 hours a day and earning an income which I didn’t quite expect.

As a person, I never allow myself to be contented with what I have achieved.  I always tell myself there is room for improvements and I need to enhance my skills in writing.  I still get a lot of rejections yet, I thrive on it.  The more I was rejected, the more I persevered and worked hard.  Most of all, I truly believed to be successful in anything you do, it is important to have the skills (which can be learned and honed to perfection) but you also need the right attitude for success.  I still have so many things to learn being a freelance writer as I am not even half way to the goals I have set out to achieve.  It excites me think and contemplate what year 2011 has in stored for me.

If I was able to do it, you can do it too.