I’m so happy weekend is finally here!!!!

It has been a tough, busy week but I am so glad most of my works are updated with no back log this time for me.  Although it also meant my sitting in front of the computer for several hours a day and yep, several times dozing off in front of the monitor, I can fairly say I feel good that I can go to the tennis court this afternoon without having to think of work for the rest of the weekend.

I love playing tennis.  I have been a player for the past 17 years and the sport has kept me sane and happy all these years.  Most athlete would agree with me when I say sports not only keep us healthy but it plays an important role in having a better disposition in life.

Tennis continually challenges me to be a better player despite the fact that I am moving past my 40 years.  These days, I concentrate more on outwitting opponents not by power shots alone but a variety of drop shots and lobs.  Lobs are more or less done almost 80% accurate while my drop shots are simply frustrating.  It definitely needs more practice but being a western gripped tennis player makes it difficult to change grip to prepare for a sliced backhand.  As a player, I pride myself being a consistent base liner although this works pretty well if I play singles and with a good netter for a partner in doubles game.  However, I still have to continue overcoming my fear and well, stupidity every time I rush to the net as some of my opponents like to give me drop shots.  Lately, I have mastered almost 85% of my topspin volley by the service line and I know this certainly helps improve my game.  All in all, for an only girl player in the club, I can say I have a lot more to improve.  Despite the fact that I have several trophies lined up in the house, guys would always look at me as a weak tennis player being a girl.

Sad but true.

I love playing tennis (isn’t it quite obvious? :D) and I can’t wait to go to the tennis court in awhile.

Happy Weekend!