January and February passed by like a blur.  In fact, I am not so sure how with all the many different things happening in my life–career and personal.  As expected, there were several ups and downs. However, I would like to think that after the first two months of year 2011, I look forward in anticipation and gratitude of lessons learned and so much blessings received.

a.  I reached a certain plateau in writing.  I felt I was doing the job more for the sake of needing to earn and not because I love doing it.  I was working almost 12 hours a day and the quality of work was, to my standard quite low. Eventually, I realized this attitude will be my downfall.  So, I decided to stop and let go some of my clients who I felt were too…I don’t know how to call them.  Their compensation for writers were too cheap and their expectations hard to reach to the extent that it led me to doubt my own capabilities and skills.

b.  There were several wonderful job postings I applied not only because of the compensation but because of what the topic was about.  One particular job was in regards to Global Warming–which I find very interesting. Global Warming is one problem our world is facing and all of us should do our part.  Others who are not educated or familiar with this don’t really care what the world is becoming.  However, for someone like me who lives in Bicol, it makes me want to do something, anything just to help make the world a better place not only for my children but for their children as well.

Why Bicol?  Bicol is located south of Luzon island here in the Philippines.  We are famous for our beautiful cone-shaped volcano Mayon (Click here to see for yourself: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/12/photogalleries/091228-volcano-philippines-mount-mayon-pictures/#/mayon-volcano-eruption-night_11600_600x450.jpg).  Yes, the volcano is active and has been sited so many times (even recently) showing volcanic activities more frequently.  Several years ago, the Typhoon Reming hit the quiet towns and city of Legazpi causing massive pouring of lava from the volcano.  It killed thousands of people, destroying livelihood and properties–to the extent of wiping an entire “barangay”.  Global warming is upon us and our province has its shares of destruction and pain.  It is important to know what we can do to help.

Sadly because I am not a specialist when it comes to weather forecasting and did not graduate from a course related to it, the job was awarded to someone else.  The job entails reading 15 e-books and do a write up of 365 things to do to help our world become a better place.

3.  I am focusing more on the health and fitness niche these days.  What I love about this niche is for me to learn and look deep in my heart what should I do to improve my personal health.  I am not a drop dead gorgeous sexy girl.  In fact, as a 100% melancholic in personality who constantly puts herself down, I am very seldom confident.  However, as I worked on several clients whose websites deal on losing weight and how our minds affect the efficiency of losing weight, I realized I need to change my thoughts especially regarding myself and my body.

Yes, I play tennis but I have been wondering with all the meals skipped, games played and fatty food discarded, why am I still looking the same?  Every day I look in the mirror, all I see is the chubbiness and the ugly belly fat protruding.  I fail to see the beauty of the person in front of me.  Yes…this has to change. Now.

4.  There was an inter club tournament last weekend; 3 categories and everyone in the club were encouraged to join.  However, no one wanted me for a partner because I was a girl.  Despite the fact that I have several trophies lined up from past much-reputable tennis tournaments, its a sad fact that men will always look down on women player (in our club).  The true character in me would take this as a challenge to be a better tennis player.  One of these days, the men in the club would trip over each other asking me (nicely) to be their partner and I, Charlene, would regally, heads up–DECLINE. 😀

In conclusion, January and February were months my belief in myself was tested.  Among the many realizations I’ve had, one thing is for sure.  No one will believe that I am able and capable if I don’t believe in myself.  So if I do stumble and fall in the next couple of months to come, I have to stand up and continue on.  2 months down…10 more to go!

How about you? How are you doing after the first two months of year 2011?