It can be a frustration to any man or woman once the body starts showing signs of aging.  Admittedly, everyone would do anything to stop this progression. Sometimes they even go to the extent of dressing and acting like a teenager just to show other people they are cool.

Compare these two women.  Both have long straight hair, wearing T-shirt and shorts and flip-flops on their feet.  At a distance, one looks older than the other.  Looking closer, the one who seemed older is actually years younger than the other one.  In fact, the younger looking one has visible lines etched on her eyes and face yet, she is often mistaken to be at her early 30s instead of her 40 years of age. Although we cannot stop time but we can feel and look young while aging.  Here’s how:

Avoid Stress

As we age, our lives become more complicated due to the many responsibilities we face each day.  Problems at home and at work can take its toll on us.  It is how we perceive things in life that we can avoid being stressful.  Take the first woman.  She’s only  28 years old but she likes to whine and complain.  Every little problem that comes, she makes a whole big deal out of it.  If things don’t work out like she wants it to be, self-pity comes surfacing.  This attitude in life causes one to look and feel old.


As we grow older our body changes.  The usual agility is diminished in half and more often than not we tire easily.  We can only counter the aging process if we do something about it like getting into a daily exercise routine.  Doing some walking in the morning or enrolling yourself in aerobic classes are some of the things that would get your body moving.  My dad who is 80 years old now still plays tennis every day.  Although at his age he doesn’t move as fast as he was 40 years ago but mentally, he is still quick and witty.

Change in Lifestyle

Someone close to me passed away recently at the age of 50 due to several complications brought about by his constant smoking and drinking alcohol.  The human body if not properly taken care of breaks down easily.  Amazingly, it has a built-in automatic warning device that will let us know something is wrong.  It may be due to extensive smoking, alcohol intake, drugs and even our daily food consumption that is filled with Fatty food and high sugar intake. Yet, when we ignore the warning and still go on with the lifestyle we are so used to, the body breaks down and even stop working.  When to change our lifestyle? Now is the best time.

Smile more often, pamper yourself and be surrounded by people with happy disposition.

We cannot avoid it.  We all go through the process of aging.  Yet we can take hold of it and do something about it.  There are a lot of people who age gracefully and the common denominator one will notice is that they may be old physically yet mentally and emotionally they are young.  Thus, the term “young hearted” is often used to people who may be old in age but the attitude in life is that of a young person.  Smile more often even when life isn’t so great.  Pamper yourself and take time outs.  Indulge in those body spa and facial treatments.  You deserve it!  Most of all surround yourself with happy people.  Toxic ones would simply drag you down and without you wanting it, you feel a lot older than you are.

In conclusion, we are in control of our lives. We are the only ones who know what is best for our bodies.   Even if we may not be able to stop ourselves from aging but with the right attitude we can look and feel young even when we grow older.