I opened my eyes from a deep slumber.  A little disoriented from the aftermath of a blurred dream, I noticed the sun shining and the house is filled with silence. Josh is beside me sleeping ever so peacefully. I got up as I remember today is Easter morning.  Too bad, we were too tired to wake up early to join the Easter morning service that happens every year at the park.  It would have been a nice experience for Josh.  However, being a special day today I decide to blog about what Easter means to me personally.

More than 25 years ago, every Easter Sunday my mother never failed to wake me up at 4am and we would go to this big stadium in our hometown wherein it was filled with so many people alternately singing and praying.  There would be individuals coming up to do a short testimony on how God has changed their lives. The atmosphere was joyful while everyone eagerly waited for the sun to rise signifying the risen Christ.  Every year, I would come home reminded of how blessed I am that God has chosen me to be a part of HIM.  Being a serving Christian at an early age did not spare me from all the pain in life.  Despite the fact that I used to live and breathe with church works that include being the soloist in the choir, Sunday School teacher, Discipleship leader of the youth and helper in the church service every Sunday, I still made some really seriously bad choices.  I strayed away from what God wants me to do.  I hurt a LOT of people and I suffered financially and emotionally.

Yet, more than ever I am thankful because every Easter Sunday reminds me that even if my life is far different from what it was 25 years back, only God has never changed in HIS love for me.  He has been a loving, faithful, graceful and very understanding Father to me. I may be far from the teen who used to serve God but more than ever I am totally dependent on Him.  I think the essence of my life is not on how I can be of service to Him with my talents but it is in my being broken, ugly and shattered that HIS strength and beauty can be reflected in me.

I have so much to thank the Lord for.  He has never tired of being there to sustain me in all the “hell” I have been through.  He keeps encouraging me to “take up my cross” and follow Him.  Yes, we all know the significance of this day to all Christians.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead gave us the VICTORY over Satan and sin.  It simply means that the one we believe in is alive and in control of our lives.  For me, it is this and much more!

To all of you out there…..HAPPY EASTER!  JESUS is ALIVE!!!