Summer Sunset at Embarcadero, Legazpi City Philippines

Summer is officially here in the Philippines after some serious, long-lasting rain that went on for several months.  Although summer heat signals the start of fun in the beach and wearing light, comfortable clothes, one cannot help but wish for some coolness in the midst of a humid and hot uncomfortable weather.

Personally, I love summer because it is a time when I get to enjoy staying up late watching American Idol recaps and sleeping in later than my usual 3am work time. I don’t have to get up early to make breakfast for Josh and get him to school.  I can continue working undisturbed until lunch time and get several hours off to play tennis in the afternoon. Sunset during summertime is the best with the color of the sky changing from hues of orange to pink to blue.  Indeed it is a sight to behold! However, what I don’t like during this time is the heat scorching my back causing it to itch a lot.  It is also a time when the water and electric bills shoot up because of the extra baths we have to take just to be refreshed and the electric fans working overtime.  Because of the heat, all I want to do is just laze around, read a nice book and sip some cool refreshing drink!  Lazing around is something I cannot afford as I have works to do.

Nevertheless with all the good and bad points of summer, I can say this year’s summer time is special for me.  I bask in the love and attention given to me unconditionally by these two men in my life.  Since Josh stays home because school is out, he is as always the sweetest boy who always care enough to ask me if I am okay while busy working.  He would get me water and share with me some of the goodies he is enjoying from the ref. He can be a pesky kid too! Yet, I would rather have him at my side and enjoy his out-of-tune singing and funny, jumping dance steps than anything else.  Indeed, my son is the joy of my life.  The three of us may be living a simple life but our joy is complete because we have each other.  Indeed, time heals all wounds and it is really our choice if we want to be happy or not.

Summer heat is made warmer because of the summer love we get from one another.