“When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself.” -Nancy Friday

I am who I am because of my mom.  She may not be a mom who likes to hug and kiss, nor a mother who comforts her children when they hurt but in her own ways, she has never failed in showing us how much she loves her children.

Today is Mother’s Day and it is fitting that this post is written especially for the woman who taught me so much on how to be a daughter, a wife and a mother. These are the most important “gifts” my mother has given me all my life:

Faith in God

My mother was the only Christian in our family.  Every Sunday, she never fails to go to church. It is quite difficult on her part since my dad was a firm believer of Buddhism and my siblings that time were Catholics because we all went to a Catholic school.  Despite it all, she was never discouraged.  In one of my posts at http://www.helium.com/items/1929854-how-should-we-lead-our-children-to-god, I talked about how my mother never gave up in leading me to become a Christian.  During the roller coaster ride of my life, she would always remind me to pray.  I know that during the worst times of my life, it was she who has been praying for me so much.


The first (and the only one) song my mother taught me when I was a child was “The Lord’s Prayer“.  My father used to go to Manila and I get to sleep with my mom at night.  With the lights out and the moon casting shadows in the night, my mom would sing this prayer to me.  Her voice was the sweetest sound engulfing me before sleep finally came.  Eventually, I grew up with a gift to sing.  These days when I am troubled or tired from work, singing is my form of relaxation.


My mother never gave up on me.  There is a Filipino saying that goes like this “Matitiis ng anak ang Ina, pero ang Ina hindi kayang tiisin ang anak.”  It simply means that children can go on with their lives staying away from their mothers not communicating and seeing them but a mother cannot do this.  They would do everything just to show how much they care and love their children–even if their child is not worth it.

Despite all the pain and sleepless nights I have caused my mom, she has always been there loving me.  Yes, she can really nag at times but I know deep down, this is because of her great love for me.  Many times, I know I don’t deserve my mother’s love but her love and care has been selfless all my life.


I believe that my mother is my number one support.  The first time I talked to her about giving up my cooking business and venture out into writing, she was quick to tell me that I should pursue it because I am a good writer.  All my life, this is the highest praise I have received from my mom.  Even back when I used to sing in church and win local singing contests, my mother was not the type of person who gushes you with praise.  Yet, I know every achievement of  my life made her proud.

Good Example Being a Daughter

She used to tell me “how you treat your mother is also the way your children will treat you”….I used to stay away from my mom because of the many times she would nag me in doing something I don’t usually like. When life became difficult, I stayed away because of fear from hearing the words “I told you so…” Eventually, I just opted to stay away.  I realized now that I was wrong to hurt my mother this way.  Then I saw how my mother treats her mom, my grandmother. My grandmother is now 92 years old and living with my uncle.  Mama would pick her up once a week and bring her out to lunch or dinner. Every time we have party at home, my grandmother is almost always present with mom serving her food and keeping her comfortable.  I want my children to love and treat me the way my mother is with her mom.  These days, I try my best to keep in touch with my mom regularly.  Although I still fall short because of my own struggles in life and the need to work all the time, I hope that I can show her how much she means to me.

I am the kind of mother I am to my children because of the lessons I learned from my mother.  I love my children unselfishly; willing to let go of everything and anything just to be there for them.  I always make it to a point that my children know how much I support them in all their endeavors and if they need a hug, a kiss, an encouragement,a friend, a home…..they know they have a mother to turn to.

There is no “perfect” mother.  Mothers are only human and there would be times they fall short of the expectations children set.  However, a mother’s love can be considered a glimpse of how much God loves us.

Mama, I love you.  No words can ever express how thankful I am that you are my mother. God bless you always and Happy Mother’s Day!