Ever since I was a little girl, I loved going to movies.  I have fond memories of my family and I catching the last full show of some Chinese films about 30 or more years ago in my hometown.  My dad used to love the cinema and his choices back then were quite diverse.  Some of the movies that made quite an impression on a little girl’s mind were:

For a five-year old, this was one scary movie that caused me several sleepless nights!  I ended up sleeping beside my dad–much to my mom’s annoyance.

This was my very first experience of a romantic movie which at the age of 9, was quite special.  Hmm…I still love the movie theme song, too!

This was one movie that I will never forget.  It was the pilot showing of a new cinema back then so my family and I ended up watching the whole movie standing up because of the huge crowd. I had to strain my neck, stand on tiptoes just to catch the scenes and honestly, it was worth it.  This movie turned out to be well-acclaimed and for a 9-year-old girl who ended up in tears after the very last scene, it was one of the best!

After watching this movie, I was a 100% Robby Benson fan and really, he was my very first crush!  Another love story but hey, I loved it!

My sister Cecilia brought me to watch this movie and I remembered enjoying it! It was also this time that I discovered I liked Warren Beatty too!  Although the story didn’t end up the way I wanted it to happen–it got stuck as an all-time favorite.

Today, I still love going to movies.  I am still a huge fan of comedy, romance and action packed films; I still stay away from horror and suspense movies because it still gives me sleepless nights.  Nevertheless, watching a movie complete with surround sound is one of the nicest way to relax and wind down after working hard all week-long.

How about you? Do you like watching movies? Are there any films in the past or present that are your favorites?