It can be quite frustrating when you know that your boss, although far away, is breathing down on your neck checking on your work almost everyday.

Unlike others, I am not a kid.  I know about responsibility, honesty and hard work.  I value the trust and expectations of my virtual boss despite the fact that I don’t even know how they look like in person.  Being a freelance writer can be really tough.  As a person, I value quality over quantity.  It is always my desire that my employer or client is happy and satisfied with the work I have done.  Most of the time, I welcome their  feedback and criticisms so that improvement and growth is possible in my career.  Yet, it can be very frustrating whenever your boss keeps looking for “other” work since “the other guy can come up with 2-3 articles an hour easily”…..sigh! What a lousy timing too because I was ill last night and I had to cut down on work time and go to bed early.

Okay so I don’t just write for the sake of writing.  I have to check and recheck my work.  I have to look for relevant information in the web that will back up my words. Once I notice something amiss, I will have to do the work all over again.  Am I wrong? I may be slow but this is because I want to make sure my work is quality and precise.  Nevertheless, my boss expects more articles from me each day.  “Don’t worry too much about the problem articles…”  How can I not? We’re talking about my work here–I always feel I need to do something to make the problem articles get approved.  Sigh….(again)

Yeah, you’re right.  I AM stressed since last week.  I haven’t played tennis at all because the same boss expects my work report every day sent at the same  time.  Am I still happy working for him?

I really don’t know anymore.