I would like to share with you two posts written by my eldest daughter, Stephanie.

Love Your Mom Today

 I love my mom and it’s really a shame that we can’t spend time together during special occasions like Mother’s day.  This is where utmost appreciation for the internet comes in, for it bridged our wide gap through blog posts, photos, videos, and of course the occasional email.

This is my very last post from my old Xanga blog and I’m glad I was able to keep it for last.

Ever since, I have always valued and appreciated how beautiful a mother’s love is.  After being away from my mom early in my life for 8 straight years, I know how comforting it is to be assured that no matter what happens, the one person who will always accept and care for me despite all of the mistakes and misfortunes is my mom. 

This is the most beautiful and most amazing characteristic of a mother’s love to her children.  It doesn’t judge them for what they did or how much they have achieved in life.  It isn’t limited to those who have given a lot of material things in return for her hard work.  It only continues growing and growing, telling us, her children, that wherever we may go, wherever we may be, we will always have a mother to come home to.

So even if your mom’s a nagger, a pain in the head, or too cold and seemingly indifferent to you, don’t let that stop you from letting her know that you love her.  If she never loved you, she wouldn’t have brought you into this world and raised you to become the person who you are today.  She stuck by you through thick and thin; that’s why you’re here, and that’s proof enough that her love is unconditional and everlasting.

I love you mom, wherever you may be.  I always miss you and I would never have been able to become the kind of mom I am today without your guidance, wisdom, and encouragement to be strong no matter what.

Now I wouldn’t want to just end this post this way. I’ll have you know that Mother and I (along with my sisters) were able to reunite and start anew.  We’ve had some really awesome times together, and she managed to fly all the way to Bacolod on the day that I was going to give birth to Holly.  She’s done her best to make up for the lost time and I greatly appreciate what she’s done for us.

So for this year’s Mother’s Day, I’d just like to let my dear Mumsy know that:

I love you with all my heart and soul.  We may not always communicate or see each other everyday, but let’s always remember that we’ve got each other’s backs through thick and thin. I hope that with your advice, encouraging words, and unending support, I will be able to be just as good a mom for Holly. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you Mommy and happy Mother’s day!


3 Lessons Freelancers Can Learn from My Mother

by Stephanie Alexis Gonzaga

First, a warm and happy Mother’s Day to all! Go on, give your mom a call, write her a note, slap a high-five, or whisper in her ear that she’s the greatest person in the world.

Moms are special beings. Someone once said that because God could not walk the earth amongst humans, He created mothers to do so for Him. In many ways, that is true.A mom loves her child to the extent that if she feels cold, she turns to her little one to clothe him more. If a mom senses something is wrong, she does everything that she can to understand and soothe the pain away. Lastly, she’s the person who teaches us to be good people and God-fearing, always reminding us that if we walk through life with a clean slate, we will reach true happiness.

There are a lot of ways we freelancers can learn from our mothers, and these lessons could change the way we run our freelancing careers for the better. Let me share with you three very important lessons my mother taught me that have changed the way I work as a freelance writer:

1. “Love what you do and follow your dreams.”

My mom always encouraged me to do what I love to do. I love reading books, so she’d tell me to save at least P100 a week so that I can go to the mall and buy a new book for myself. I love writing as well, so she bought my first diary, taught me how to write and send letters through snail mail, and allowed me to use her typewriter at the office.

With that said, I think freelancers should do the same. Whatever it is that gives you joy, whether it is writing web copy or building slick and awesome websites, don’t allow anything to convince you to do otherwise. Learn how to master the skill, create projects that has your unique personal touch, and your best work will shine its brightest.

2. “Do not envy the successes of others.”

I was a very envious little girl back then. A lot of kids earned gold medals, trophies, certificates, and plaques of recognition while I sat in my chair, watching them from afar.

But Mom always told me not to envy other people. She’d constantly assure me that even though I don’t bring home a silver or gold medal, what’s important is that I understood what I was learning in school.

In the end, she’s right. There’s really no point in competing with other people, or envying them for their achievements.

As a freelancer, you’ll benefit more from connecting and interacting with other freelancers who share in the same passions and interests as you. Sure, you’ll feel a sense of envy at those who have succeeded, have a long list of clients, and who are recognized globally, but if you keep working hard and doing what you love to do, you’ll reach the peak of your career as well.

3. “Respect your parents, and your children will respect you.”

One of Mom’s core values is respect for the elders, particularly your parents. She always believed that how you treat your mother will be how your children will treat you in the future. It’s a powerful lesson because it teaches us to be good to people and to treat them the way we’d expect to be treated.

It’s also a lesson freelancers should remember as they manage and grow their freelancing careers. If we want our clients to pay us on time, to respond to our emails, and to understand us if we need to take some time away from work, we must do the same for them. If we want our fellow freelancers to support us and lend a helping hand, we should our part as well.

Treat your clients and fellow freelancers with respect and kindness. Being honest, helping others, and going beyond to give the best customer service will reap good relationships and trustworthiness. Issues may arise along the way, but it’s nothing that you can’t solve together.