I wonder why being sick makes me doubly melancholic and sad when I am not supposed to be.

Tomorrow is my son’s 7th birthday and we have been preparing for it for the past two weeks.  However, it’s not the only reason why we’re celebrating.  My husband got promoted after 2 years and my employer pointed out to me last night that I, myself, recently got a raise so that’s another reason for the celebration.

Joshua‘s Birthday

“Mommy, how many days left before my birthday?” 

This was a question asked for the longest time. Every time someone celebrates their birthday, he would always wonder when is his turn. My son is my joy.  This, I have mentioned and blogged for a number of times.  He is a typical kid who is sloppy when writing, leaves things around, never seems to hear me although I’m almost screaming his name, eyes are glued most of the time on the TV screen and stomps his feet when he doesn’t get what he wanted. Yet beneath this childish exterior, it amazed me that my almost 7 years old son thinks and reasons like an adult. Whenever his dad and I had a fight, he would come to me and hug me tight, encourage me to forgive daddy and not to cry. He does this to his dad, too. The truth is, I would have given up on this relationship long ago if not because of my son who is the strength and the factor that cements us together. He certainly deserves this birthday party.

From SPO1 to SPO2

It’s been two years since he rose from the ranks.  Since then, he was able to attend a much-needed schooling and other important events for the betterment of his career.  Roy certainly deserves this promotion.  I can truly say he loves his job despite the danger and the unfair criticisms thrown their ways.  Although in so many ways the criticisms and feeling of contempt are founded because there are corrupt officials and bad “cops” everywhere.  However, not all cops are bad. I am proud to say that my mother in law has brought up a good, kind, considerate and God-fearing man.

I got a raise….

though it’s not much but still, a raise is still a raise.  I think I would rather think of it not in terms of financial gain but a sign that my employer sees and appreciates my value and hard work. Everything my parents have instilled in me as a person caused me to become the responsible and hard-working team member.  Given a raise is just a sign that my sacrifices and the stress I’ve been through is noted and compensated.

I know I should be happy today because of God’s wonderful blessings.  I just wish my flu would go away and allow me finish today’s work fast.  I need to get everything ready for tomorrow’s party and looking forward to enjoy the company of friends and family.  Most of all, I can’t wait to sing my heart out on the videoke machine we rented!