Yes, the best things in life are free.  Although we cannot deny the fact that if we are financially free we can attain everything.  We can go to places we have always dreamed of visiting. There is no need to wake up each morning dreading the bills to pay. We don’t even have to wait for cash to come in before we can splurge ourselves with things we want and not feeling guilty if we do.  Yet, I have seen so many rich and famous people having everything but unhappy. I reflect on my life and realized even with the simplicity and adversities I have constantly faced, I am still blessed with so much.

I have always loved the sunset.  There is something in the changing of the different hues in the sky as the sun is setting that makes me feel at peace and loved by the Maker.  It never fails to assure me that He is still in control of my life and whatever traumatic experience I find myself in, it always turns out for the best.

“I love you Mama…” These words may be freely uttered by my children but are so cherished in my heart.  I am blessed with five wonderful children. They may have their shortcomings and uniqueness but they are perfect in their mother’s eyes.  My children loves me in their own ways-this I know.  Although I am not capable of giving them material abundance, they know with their mom they are free to be themselves and they have a place where they can come home to anytime.

Gaining respect in this competitive world may be free but I always believe it is something we have to work hard for.  Respect can never be bought but by being true and sincere, it is freely gained.  One should not be respected just because they have all the financial capacity money and fame can bring but the mere fact that a person works hard to honestly earn and feed his family should be reason enough.  I say this because for the past years, I have ventured out looking for ways to be financially stable.  I have literally worked myself to the point of getting sick to make each venture work out. Yet, there were many hindrances that caused it to fail–much to my frustration.  Somehow, it didn’t stop me from looking for other venues to find what will eventually work for me.  In fact, these failure became stepping stones for greatness to come.

Most of all, God’s love may be free for all but I am thankful that He loves me as no one else does.  I am who I am because of His great love for me.  Failures, frustrations and pain are nothing with Him at my side.  My life may not be perfect but who cares? As long as I have Him, my life is totally blessed.