I’ve been killing myself with work these days.

Everyday, I would start work at 4am (stops at 6am to get Josh ready for school–resumes at 7:15am) and stop only to have my lunch break.  Work resumes at 1pm (break time at 4pm, dinner at 7pm) until 9pm. By the time I drag myself to bed, pooped is too lame a word to describe how I feel. Some people would chide me for working too hard. Honestly, I would like to kick myself too yet, I always tell myself that the all hard work will bring in the dough needed in our everyday lives. There are tons of bills to pay and I can only manage all these through working like a slave. Although I try my best to spend my Sunday relaxing and having fun (church, mall and movies), I always feel a day of no work is simply not enough to recuperate from all the stress and pressure. I missed my usual blogging. I haven’t written any article to be posted at my Ezine account for months! Every time I feel compelled to write something, I’m always too tired to put ideas into words.

So what’s been happening these days in the life of a freelance writer? Other than writing (obviously), several events are worth mentioning:

Tropical Storm “Juaning” left our province Albay shocked and once again, in a state of calamity. The country’s only and inept weather forecaster (as always) left out in forecasting that we’re under storm signal number one (in truth, we were under storm signal number 3!). It could have initiated an early evacuation among residents living near the volcano, riverbanks and other disaster prone areas. Residents would have been prepared. Strong rain and super gusty wind went on for 2 days which caused us to have no water and no electricity. We had to bring in our cooking stuffs and the gas range since we can’t even light a fire outside because the wind was too much. The water outside our house was knee-deep while in some places, it was shoulder-high. Quite a number of trees and electrical posts were seen cut off and sprawling on the streets all over the city. Classes were cancelled in all levels on both public and private schools. Yes, it was another tragic event but despite all these, we are all thankful “Juaning” was far better than the super typhoon that left more than thousands of Albayanos dead back in year 2006.

Flood outside our house

Moving to some better news, I got an email today that one of the articles I wrote last year posted in a certain website was bought by an eBook website. I was pleasantly surprised that among the different content written by other writers on the same topic, my article was chosen. You can read this article here: http://www.helium.com/items/1929424. Almost a year ago while I was just starting with compiling articles that will eventually build my portfolio, I spent a lot of time writing articles for this website. It was certainly a good place to start. These days, I often wish to have the time to contribute more articles to this website to continue with what I have started.

Nowadays I have been continually getting job offers which I had to pass. Other than the pay is quite low, I am also too busy to take on more jobs. However, one job invitation caught my interest last week.  I emailed back and gave the prospective employer my price. Although I can only work part-time, she wants to hire me now. Hopefully, everything will turn out good!

I’m turning 41 in less than 3 weeks. My only wish would be to enjoy myself in the company of my family and—-to go shopping! August is considered lean season and I used to spend my birthday without much cash. Because of this, we would celebrate my birthday in a very simple way. It may sound weird, but I hope this year I get to go shopping for myself–after all, I think I deserve it after slaving my butt off working.

Personally, I’ve been struggling deep in my heart. It’s almost a year since the tragic event that almost destroyed my family. I would literally force my thoughts to think of good things instead of straying back to the past but oh, it’s just so hard! I don’t want distrust, doubts and pain to fill my heart once more as I have moved past the ugliness of it all these couple of months. Sigh….

I hope things will look up soon!