Do you believe that blessings come in little boxes? Sometimes, we expect it to be handed to us in this wonderfully, colorful, and beautifully wrapped package that we missed seeing the simple ones showered upon us everyday.

I have been so focused in waiting for His blessings to come in the way I visualized and expect it to be. Now I realized I was so wrong looking at God and His magnificence based on my standard and expectations. I should have known better that His ways are far greater than mine. His wisdom is beyond my understanding. Just like a child who trusts his parents in everything, I should trust God and simply have faith that He is in control of my life.

It is not just enough to say a hasty prayer to consider myself communicating with God. I realized this when I went to church this Sunday. From the moment I heard the choir singing, I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit. I cannot seem to stop the tears from trickling down my face. I stood there with this huge emotions in my heart and felt myself being gathered in the arms of God–hearing His soothing voice telling me He understands. I wish I could say all my insecurities, struggles and worries went down the drain that very moment, but in truth I just had to thank Him for it. I felt this blessing so intense, I cannot help but feel the joy in my heart amidst whatever I am going through.

With my imperfections, God is glorified. I truly believe He allows me to go through tough times so that I can shine for Him and not for myself. On my own, I am and will always be a person with a broken spirit,ย unsecured,ย and struggling. But with Him, I am strong and courageous.

One thing is for sure, I don’t want to continue on with my journey if God is not on my side. I would rather have these small blessings in ordinary boxes bestowed on me daily that continually reminds me that I am not alone. At the same time, nothing can stop me from hoping and praying that somehow my life will eventually move on to be better–which I know it will.