… Christmas is a very special time for me — not only because it is a time to make other people happy, but it is a time that my heart is especially filled with joy and gladness. Each stage of my life, I am truly blessed that I have wonderful memories that always remind me how special this season is.

Childhood Memories

Together with my brothers and sisters, we would go to church on Dec 24 before midnight. The choir sounded heavenly and the church jam-packed with almost everyone we all know from school. After church when we get home, our parents would have prepared wonderful “Noche Buena” for us. This was a “tradition” that went on until my brothers and sisters left for the States to study.

Teenage Memories

Weeks before the actual day comes, I would find myself busy practicing for a Christmas concert with our church group. It’s tradition. The first few years, I was a “back-up” singer—undiscovered. After I was given the break I needed and people realized I have the “gift”, I was a constant soloist. What made this time special was the fact that I knew in my heart that God blessed me with the golden voice not for my glory, but for His. As people were blessed because of the wonderful songs, I was more humbled that it was Jesus singing through me.

Mommy Memories

Christmas is made extra special the moment one becomes a mom. You think of ways to make every season special and happy for the children you love most. It’s okay if you don’t get any gifts under the Christmas tree, but you cherish in your heart memories of sparkling eyes, happy smiles and genuine love you see every time they open their gifts. My children were my joy. They have been the beacon of light in my darkened nights. They are, and will always be, the reason why I exist in this world.

Second Chance Memories

As life continues to change, there are some things no one can take away.  These are memories you hold precious in your heart. I think of the days when I was young and the days I held my precious children in my arms. Yes, I feel a twinge of sadness because they have their own lives and what I have are just memories. Yet, I know God is good. He allows me to build new memories… He gave me a second chance to be happy again—by making a special son and a wonderful husband happy and complete.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone…. To God be the Glory!