New Year’s Day means so many things for me.  It is a time to look back and be thankful for all the blessings I have received. It is also a time to contemplate on mistakes I made that made me wiser today – things I definitely want to avoid this New Year. Most of all, a new year means a new beginning. It gives everyone a sense of hope filled with wonderful expectations.

Top Reasons for Me to Be Thankful as Year 2011 Passed:

1.  I passed the test. Yes, 2011 has been a very tough year for me — not only financially, emotionally, but also mentally. However, I am thankful because I have passed the test. I believe I have become a better person as I learned from all challenges thrown my way.

2.  I have moved on three more steps ahead. My great desire is to be able to move on from what I have been through the first part of the year 2010. It was a very, very difficult time for me. I found myself losing everything I have worked hard for as a person. I was left unsure, angry, and insecure and lost in pain. As much as I would like to move on one step ahead, I found myself moving several steps back. I was frustrated! Today I can truly say God has been so good to me. The pain and tears are lesser.

3.  I have finally found what I am looking for. God has blessed me the desire of my heart and that is to find employers who are great! This year I have started to believe in myself that I am capable and able. Although there were several discouragements and incidents that made me unsure, there are some few people who believe that I can be the best.

4.  I am surrounded with people that I love.  Life and all its hardships are nothing as long as I am enveloped with love from people who mean everything to me. I know I can face the future with them at my side. My parents, my brothers and sisters, and my beautiful daughters and granddaughter are my source of inspiration. I am loved, accepted and cherished because of my husband and son. I am very, very thankful because I have a family I can call – MINE.

5.  I am nothing without God who supplies me with all the strength, courage, and wisdom, and the ability to love and live. Certainly, I am at a total lost without His great love for me.

Year 2012 is here. God has promised more blessings to come as long as I remain in HIM, loyal and faithful. My heart is filled with joyful anticipation knowing He has great plans for me.