Plants by the Wall

The plants by the wall are thriving!

Three weeks after moving to our new house, they look beautiful and healthy. I am glad the construction guy made me plant boxes so I can move these plants from the old house. The first few days after re-planting them in their new home, I was sure they were dying. They looked withered and brown. So everyday, I make sure to water them and touch them. Mind you, I am not a horticulturist, I’m just an ordinary person who love flowers and plants. And I love these plants!

I am happy they are thriving. How I wish I am like them!

I feel like I am withering and devoid of any strength to face the many challenges in front of me. Many times, I would stomp my feet and act like a spoiled kid — questioning God and His love for me. I know I am wrong. I prayed and prayed, but it seems no one is around to hear me. Sigh… Yesterday while talking with some friends, someone told me that I am so much better off living in our own house because I don’t have to pay rent and can save a lot. Right now, I don’t feel this simply because we have incurred a lot of debts just to have the house finish.

Amidst all these, I have been getting not so good news at work. People are staying away because they know we are down in the dumps when it comes to finances. Yes, we have our own house, but there are many days we don’t even have money to buy decent food to eat. Worse, people close to you who you expect to understand and support are the ones who put you down. When will this end?

I wish soon. I wish to thrive like my plants in our new home.