Three Lessons I Learned Today

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

Over and over, the scene played through my mind. I kept telling myself if I had not reacted like the way I did, I would still be working at this time and not worrying about finances. However, I knew in my heart that standing up for myself and what I felt was right was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

If I did not do it, then who will?

I worked for her for 5 months and although, her hiring me was a great help to me and my family, I made sure that every penny she paid me was worth it. I worked hard and even more than the hours paid because I knew she also needed my help. Yet, she had a toxic attitude and I can’t help but be the subject of her madness. I knew in my heart that I was never mean to her. I pride myself to be brought up by good and well-respected people. My parents taught me well. Yet, the end result is still to find myself today struggling without work.

Just to think of the bills to pay, my son’s tuition, and what will happen the next couple of weeks without work and money can certainly cause so much stress. Yet, when I came upon this quote from Dr. Steve Maraboli, I felt the whole weight of stress and worry taken away from me.

First of all, I have to learn to let go. There is no sense reliving the past because it is over and done with. Thinking of her is not helping me move on. So today, I want to finally let go. Letting go means to forgive her and to wish her well. If at any time she would realize that having me before helped her reach wherever she is now and for her to value my work, that would be enough. Hopefully, her business will thrive and she will do a good job taking care of the people I have connected with these past months on her FB page.

Second, I have to learn to release the stress. Being stressed is not helpful at all. The more I worry about the future, the more I am unable to move forward. Yes, why should I worry when I am in the Lord’s hands? Many times the past few days, I realized that what happened to me recently was a release from someone who doesn’t believe in God. I was not allowed to talk about God’s goodness because she didn’t want it that way. Today, I am able to blog more because I have all the time in the world to do what I used to love. I was able to go back to play tennis and start doing something for myself because I am no longer chained to someone who was so demanding of my time.

Lastly, I have to be reminded that I was not in control anyway. The past weeks leading up to my being sacked at work, I already had a feeling God is going to uproot me from something that I have been so dependent on. Yes, I depended so much on the job that I tend to forget to rely on God. I was never in control. Things do happen — even the ugliest and the worst. What I can control, however, is my reaction and myself.

Today, I choose to be more positive.

I choose to have faith in God that if he closed one door, He will open a better and wider one for me.

I choose to be thankful for everything that happened and for her who has taught me to stand up for myself.

I choose to believe that the right job for me is just around the corner and the Lord will give it to me at the right time.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation?