I am so excited!

Last Sunday while at the mall, we saw this beautiful mini car being displayed. I gently touched the smooth surface and marvel at its beauty and simplicity. I told myself, “I want this car.” After spending several minutes talking to the lady about the car’s features and payment plan, I went away feeling excited. Clutching to myself is a colored brochure the sales lady gave me.

When I came home, I immediately gathered some of Josh’s art materials, printed out some images and got down on my knees — bent on making my own vision board.

For so long, I have read and learned about the power of having a vision board. Although I truly believe the stories of people who were able to achieve their goals because of this visual tool, I never really thought of making one for myself. Admittedly, I have been so focused on getting out of the mess I was in that I never allowed myself to believe that anything my mind and my heart can conceive, I can achieve.

So many things happened lately — things that were unexpected and truly considered as blessings. It certainly reminded me that God answers prayers.

Today, I am taking my life a notch higher. With my vision board, I am on my way to achieving the goals I set for this year. I want that car, and I will work hard to get it. There were other things I added to my vision board. These are things I have always been wanting to have and to do. Now that I have made my goals official, I am accountable that I work hard to achieve it.

Every day as I start my day, I would look at my vision board and feel an excitement beyond words. There would be times during the course of the day that I want to stop working because I am tired and (admittedly) — lazy.  But the pictures and words staring at me cause me to continue and push myself to do what I am supposed to do.

Yes, I never realized this thing I have created is such a great motivator!

taking my life a notch higher

I know I can achieve my goals. Because the Lord is with me — no one can stop me.

Do you have our own vision board to share? I would love to hear from you.