My Imperfect Life is Beautiful in God's Eyes

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it. Psalm 139:14

A Flicker Of Hope


It’s another year, and not surprisingly, so many are talking/blogging about resolutions and changes they want to happen in their lives.

I am no different.

I also have goals I want to achieve this year. However, I prefer to talk about blessings and inspirations — How I was able to survive the past year, how the Lord has given, but how he He has also taken away — a lot. I am no one special in other people’s eyes. But, I can truly say, I am very special in God’s eyes. I believe the faith and hope in my heart is not my own doing — it is God’s Spirit working and weaving the intricacies of life’s challenges for His glory.

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Choices: On Being Discouraged and Having Faith

“What’s wrong with me?” This is a question I have been asking myself lately.

The past two months have been tiring, challenging and discouraging. I am well aware that being a freelance writer has its ups and downs. There would be days when I had to wake up at 4am to start work and hit the bed at 10pm because my mind simply ceased to function due to sheer brain exhaustion. There would be days when I have so much time in my hands, and I feel my brain is rusted.

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Weekend Bonding: A Glimpse Into My Melancholic Thoughts

August came rolling in, and I have to admit I was excited to meet up with my family who I haven’t seen for a while. Since coming home from staying in New York for more than a year, the weekend will be the first time I get to see my parents. My big brother and his family are also visiting from New York. The last time I saw them was almost 15 years ago. Yes, it’s been a while.

It is also a weekend spent with my daughters Jamie, Annie and Kat. Admittedly, the last few times I visited were mostly because of my eldest daughter Stef’s affairs.

The weekend was a time of discovery, bonding, fun and love.

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Three Lessons I Learned Today

Three Lessons I Learned Today

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

Over and over, the scene played through my mind. I kept telling myself if I had not reacted like the way I did, I would still be working at this time and not worrying about finances. However, I knew in my heart that standing up for myself and what I felt was right was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

If I did not do it, then who will?

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Experiencing God’s Faithfulness

Experiencing God's Faithfulness

God is faithful.

God is good.

I just know my future and my needs are secure in HIS hands.

I just need to have faith.

I just need to be patient.

I just have to hold on tight in His hands, and I know God will sustain me.

Lost in the dark tunnel and an unknown future,

I can’t help but feel scared.

I can feel doubts lingering in my heart and pressuring me to question God’s wisdom…

Oh Lord, I know You are faithful.

You took away my current job because You have seen my dependence on it when I should be depending on You.

Forgive me Lord.

Forgive me when I doubt, fear and feel anxious over the uncertain future.

I know You will sustain me and bless me with something better, if not the BEST!


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