Results-oriented, Accomplished and Achievement-driven Virtual/Admin Assistant, Social Media and Website Manager, Bookkeeper and Blogger with knowledge on SEO

Virtual/Admin assistant

I do all the back-end tasks for my clients – email handling, calendar scheduling, dealing and working with customers making sure there is a good rapport and relationship with them, leading team members and making sure they accomplish their tasks on time. I simply get things done.

Blogger/Content Writer 

I research and write articles on various topics. Although my niches are varied, I am passionate when it comes to writing self-motivation, self-help, dating, relationships, health and fitness topics. I have extensive experience working on adult niches, too.  I am familiar with SEO and incorporate basic practice in article writing.

Social Media/Web Content Manager

I handle different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In. Aside from the daily posts, I make sure social media messages resonate with the fans/followers. I create graphics using Canva for social media. Most of all, I make sure to engage with readers and fans.

I handle website content based on the client’s niche/s. I know basic SEO and use Google Adwords to find relevant keywords. I also know how to post articles on WordPress site. If you need someone to manage your website for you and update your social media sites regularly – I can do all these for you! You can be sure that you are getting a competent and reliable assistant to handle these back-end jobs for you.


An Accounting graduate from one of the prestigious Universities in the country, I have basic knowledge and experience in handling the company’s books, reconciling and working of invoices and data entry.

I am your virtual/admin assistant who get tings done efficiently.

Email: lynne.sampilo@gmail.com

Skype: lynne.sampilo